Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 13 - Goals

Goals.. Goals.. Goals.. Life is always full of goals!!

As my followers would know, but maybe not the visitors, I have started doing Monthly Goals! Every Monday of a new month I do a "Monthly Mondays" where I list goals that I (we - husband and I) would like to accomplish and the last Friday of the month I do "Finally Fridays" to go over the goals I set at the beginning month and see what I accomplished! I have just started it this month and here is the link.

So on this coming Friday I will go over what was accomplished and next Monday I will start all over again with November goals!

But here are a few goals that I would like to accomplish blog-wise:
  1. Reach 50 followers - Thanks to all my followers currently!! I am at 15 today!!
  2. Create a 101 in 1001 - which lists 101 goals to complete in 1001 days and I am not sure why, but this intimidates me!!
  3. Find more blogs to follow... I know I have quite a few, but I enjoy "meeting" new people and learning more about them.
I would love to be a mother one day to a baby (without fur)!
I would love my house to be updated the way I would like it and we are sorta almost done, but realistically I am always going to want to update things and change things up, and budget-wise, you can only do so much at a time!

I am not big on setting goals for the distant future, hence why I do monthly goals, which would complete the big picture and prioritize the things that actually need to be done instead of things I just want to be done!

I was surprised that I met some of my New Years Resolutions this year! I actually went over my weight loss goal instead of losing 10 pounds, I lost 15!! I have been styling my hair more often, instead of just throwing it in a messy bun or pony.

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Kit said...

Great goals!!!! I love your blog!


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