Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5: Siblings

I have one and only one sibling and that is my sister Amy. She is two years older than myself. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her:

Picture was taken by Blair Gable @ my wedding.

My sister is my best friend. She is strong and determined and mindful of others. She has been given a lot to deal with in her life, however it has only made her stronger. She has a beautiful daughter Hannah, who is my godchild! Sweetest little girl! My sister is a stay-at-home mom and she designs and makes jewellery. In fact, the necklaces and earrings that she is wearing at my wedding were made by her! She is soo creative, I have a few pieces of my own!

A lot of people say we look like twins. Her and I always disagree and can never see the similarities (not that we would ever admit anyways!) I wouldn't complain if I looked like her! But growing up we were polar opposites. We did enjoy playing together when we were younger, but we went through the "typical" falling out stage through high school. We couldn't agree on anything! Once she moved away to college, we started becoming best friends. I guess because we weren't stealing each others clothes and make-up.

Now to this day, she is my best friend. I couldn't ask for a better one! We could talk on the phone for hours, playing Dr. Mario on the Wii against each other. We pretty much tell each other everything and can barely miss a day without talking to each other.

Picture taken by Blair Gable.

I also have no sibling-in-laws because Mike is an only child!

(I have started to break out the wedding pictures!)

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Venessa said...

My sister and I get the twins thing too...and we dont think that we look like twins at all. I am so glad to learn more about you during this challenge!


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