Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Has Arrived!

I know, I know this may be early for some of you, but it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! Which also means Monday is a HOLIDAY!! Our usual plans have changed this year, so this weekend is not looking too hectic busy yet! Sooo... what is on my planner so far?

Tonight I am hoping to have a date night with Mike. He is not aware of this yet, but I am thinking of heading out to see that new movie Life As We Know It! I must be crazy for wanting to go on the opening weekend, especially since I do not do well in large crowds, but I want to! I haven't been to the movie theatre for quite some time!

Tomorrow I plan to do A LOT of laundry, since it is supposed to be soo nice out. Mike is going to prep the gardens for fall and put away the patio furniture. I am hoping to convince to hang the new lights on the gazebo over the hot-tub while we are canvas-less. We have to make a new canvas for the top. Then I am going to head out to finish up the photo shoot I started yesterday for M and D and baby L.

Usually on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we down to the Turkey Point and have Thanksgiving at the lake on the boat! Believe it or not, we have actually went swimming on Thanksgiving weekend... not this year though! We are also not going to be doing that this year, which is too bad because it is usually a good relaxing time, but hopefully we will do it again next year!

Sunday we, including the dogs, are going to head up to Grand Bend to my Aunt's cottage on the lake for thanksgiving dinner! We have never done this before, we usually just gather at one anothers house each year, although the cottage is a bit further away, I am soooo looking forward to this because it will be soo beautiful! I can't wait to walk on the beach, hopefully take some pics with Mike and the dogs and try to keep the dogs out of the water! (Wish me luck on that one.)

Monday is planless!! I think I just made a new word! But I have made no plans for Monday yet!

Also on a side note, my applesauce turned out great, although a few things did not go as planned... yes the water, but while I was stirring it up, I went to add more cinnamon and the lid fell off! So I ended up with A LOT of cinnamon, so I added more brown sugar and maple syrup! I did not end up mashing the apples, I just left them as chunks and they are delish! I took some over to my in-laws last night for dessert! I will totally be making that again!

Also, my new washer and dryer are AMAZING! I have fallen in love! I have to keep the instructions on the top of them until I get used to using them! Mike and I stood in front of the washer last night and watched it wash a load of towels! Before I left for work this morning I set the timer to have the clothes washed for when I get home, so I can hang them on the line when I get home! We will see how that goes!

Well I hope all you Canadian readers have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and for all the others who are not celebrating Thanksgiving, have a good weekend!!

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Leigh Anne said...

hey, thanks for stopping by! i'm excited to have you as a follower! happy weekend :)


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