Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows

I have mentioned this previously here: Fall TV.

But I will of course recap:

90210 - still not the same as the good ole days! But decent!
Dancing With The Stars - I have only been watching for 2 seasons, but I like it soo far!
Days Of Our Lives
General Hospital
The Hills - I know its not on... guilty secret pleasure it was though!
The City - not as good as the hills...
So You Think You Can Dance - like watching the different styles of dance.
Heartland - my Sunday night TV show
Law & Order: SVU
The Bachelorette/Bachelor - I hate admitting this... but I get all caught up in the drama! I am guilty!
I did watch the Bachelor Pad
Life Unexpected - just started watching it this year. I even got caught up on the 1st season.
One Tree Hill
Glee - I really liked it last year, but this year just hasn't sparked too much for me, but I am still watching
Greys Anatomy - did not like it when it first came out, started watching last year
Private Practice - LOVE
Quints By Surprise - wow, she has her hands full!
Animal Cops - I don't know why, it is depressing what people will do to animals!

I will watch cops if I am home on a Friday night. I also watch Tori and Dean, but mostly on the Internet because I forget to PVR it. I also enjoy most shows on HGTV.

I may have forgot some, but for the most part I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV!


ty said...

When USA has the Law and Order: SVU marathons, it's hard to get me off the couch for like, 12 hours.

Kit said...

Your choices are great...I love Grey's and Private Practice. I can not wait for them to come on tonight!

Venessa said...

So you think you can dance is one of faves that I totally forgot about!

Venessa said...

cute blog background by the way!

Katie K. said...

I wish that SYTYCD was on more than what it is...I love it!


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