Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 14 - Favorite Picture

Favorite Picture Again!! Well if you take a peak at my previous blog entries or click on the Pictures Label on the bottom right hand corner you can see more of my favorite. Instead of posting the same pictures over and over, I will post some different ones.

The wedding pictures are making an appearance again for today:

Picture Taken by: Blair Gable
Picture Taken By: Blair Gable
 I won't go too picture crazy on you, as I know I will be asked yet again what my favorite pictures are and I want to be able to save some for later! But there are a few more sneak peaks at my wedding!


Kit said...

You were a stunning bride!

Lindsi said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures :)

Lindsi said...

....PS, I LOVE your Golden's. My baby, Bentley, is a recently turned 3-year-old Golden :)

BARBIE said...

How beautiful!

Hilary Lane said...

Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!! (Sorry for the overload of comments today! I've had your blog on my Reader to check out and I finally am, so I have quite a few posts to catch up on!)


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