Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap... on Wednesday!

So, it is Wednesday and I am just going over how my Thanksgiving Weekend was now... and only 2 more days and its the weekend again! I kinda like this, but don't worry I won't make a habit of it!

Friday: I used my timer on my washing machine for the FIRST time and it was amazing! I came home and the sheets were washed and M had beat me home and had it hanging on the line already! As I had mentioned I had already secretly made plans already, without M knowing! We were going to have a date night! So when I was on my way home, I told him to be showered and ready to go, and he did not seem very impressed and questioned me. I explained that we were going out and he told me he did not feel like it. So I had to tell him what exactly I had planned. He was pumped! My husband LOVES movies! So off to the movies we went and we saw Life As We Know It (how fitting.. almost the same title as my blog)! It was GREAT! I highly recommend seeing it! I was laughing and crying and laughing again! Here is a trailer for those who do not know what I am talking about:
Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel star in Life As We Know It

Great Great MOVIE!!

Saturday: I did 6 loads of laundry and hung them ALL on the line! The clothes were drying SUPER quick!! It was gorgeous out! M started to clean the yard up for the winter, putting away our patio furniture, etc. We still have the gardens to cut back and weed! Then we went to take the second photo shoot of the B family, with baby L. They turned out pretty good, but the sun was making my job a little hard! I need to get shadows figured out. I also need photoshop! All was well, but it got dark quickly and baby L was getting tired, so I suggested doing a 3rd photo shoot on Monday.

Sunday: M went and bought his new garage door opener! Boy was he excited! When he got back, we were on our way up to the cottage to spend the day with family for Thanksgiving dinner! It was beautiful out! The weather was great, the scenery was great, everything was great! We managed to get out family pictures done, as I am sure you could all see because I posted some on Muted Monday. I forgot my tripod, so luckily my cousin T was willing to take a few! The water was surprisingly warm, warm enough for M to get the seadoo out and go out for a rip! We spent the rest of the evening with a bonfire, sunset and card games! It was great!

Monday: M and I slept in!! It was great! We then decided to go out back and finish up our family photos before it rained! Around 11:00 I was getting ready to go finish the B's photo shoot and one of our friends stopped by for a visit. Luckily S was still there when I got back from the photo shoot, we had lunch and a good catch up. And it THUNDERSTORMED! Craziness!! In October! The dark sky just lit up the orange trees, it was beautiful! I feel like the trees have been changing right before my eyes! The thunderstorms lingered all afternoon and evening. M and I watched Dancing With The Stars and called it a night!

What a great weekend! This coming weekend is going to be busy too! Friday night we are going to host our 1st Card Party. We have soo much planned for this fun evening! A trophy may or may not be involved! Saturday we are running a few things to London for my Mom. Sunday morning I will be volunteering at the Fireman's Breakfast that M's department is putting on and then Sunday afternoon will be Thanksgiving with my Dad. I will be meeting his new girlfriend this weekend too. I am not too sure how I feel about this, but I know that he is happy and that is all that matters!

Also, I thought I would share the fact that I just got a speeding ticket! I am not all that torn up, because I did not realize that it was a 60 zone and I was doing 80. The thing that has me tore up is the fact that the driver behind me, who was riding my bumper, did not get a ticket! The other thing that miserates me is the fact that officer told me that he would have rather pulled over the guy behind me, and that he should be the one getting a FEW tickets, but instead he was cutting my ticket in half and no points.. Thanks! Boy did I tell him THANKS! The officer said that it was just not SAFE to pull him over and that he could not get an accurate reading on him because he was following to close. Personally, in my opinion, why not pull over the UNSAFE driver? I know.. I know.. speeding is not safe... but seriously I wasn't being a reckless, aggressive driver!

But who I would really like to thank is the __________ (fill in with your own fun word) who should have got the ticket! The _________ that was riding my bumper! I hope that you are happy that you got off and I got the ticket instead!

I am not saying I was not in the wrong for speeding either, I am just saying I was ONLY speeding.... not driving recklessly or following to close! AND I was not the only speeder! They could have given that _________ more than one ticket!

Sorry for the large letters, but I am a bit angry!

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